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Goat Milk Soap and Lotion
Ready made soap bars are $3 each.
Lotion is $5 for 4oz snap top bottle, $10 for 8oz snap top bottle, $20 for 16oz pump bottle.

I do make several batches of goat milk soap and lotion each year. I generally have lavender (or other floral scent) and unscented on hand. I can take special scent or additive requests so long as they are paid for in advance. Soap takes about eight weeks notice to prepare and cure the bars. Lotion only requires a two week notice. My base soap recipe won second place at the 2016 ADGA Convention's product competition, in the Unscented Fresh Goat Milk Soap class, and I've had several customers use my lotion and give positive reviews for relieving dry skin and other skin conditions. Give me an email if interested!

Farm Fresh Eggs
Farm Eggs

If your in the area, we always have eggs available in a mix of colors (white, light brown, dark brown, blue, green) at $3 per dozen.

Nigerian Dwarf Goats

I've moved our goat sale postings over to Goatzz! This will help me to help you, by making it easy to keep our sales information up to date!
Check out our sales listings on Goatzz

Wethers for Sale

We have a selection of wethers (castrated bucks) of various colors and ages for you to choose from, whether it be for show, a companion, a brush clearer, or meat. Each is $50.

Bucks & Does for Sale - See the full list on Goatzz

If you are interested in our animals or products, please contact us at emerald.c.ranch@gmail.com.

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