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Nigerian Dwarf Goats - Kidding Schedule

We have the following kiddings planned from our Nigerian Dwarf Goats. We don't take reservations or deposits before kids are born. However, I do keep a wait list that is free to join!

For the wait list, priority will be given to ADGA Plus members, farms that participate in ADGA performance programs (Shows, LA, DHI) and those who provide more detail (what doe(s) your interested in kids from, what gender(s), what are your goals, have you owned goats before, etc.). Being on the wait list does NOT guarantee an animal. I reserve the right to alter or do away with the list at any time (I'll make every effort to fulfill priority requests first! I don't want unhappy customers!). Once kids are born and I've had a chance to evaluate them at about 4 weeks old, I will go down the wait list, one by one, and let each person know what we got and ask if they are interested in placing a deposit to hold them until they are ready to go at about 2.5 months old. Any kids unreserved after that will be posted on our Facebook page , sales page, and on our farm profile in Goatzz.

Fall 2021
Dam Freshening Sire Kids/Pricing/Planned Pedigree Estimated Due Date
EMERALD C RANCH HE GLITTERBOMB 1st EMERALD C RANCH DRIFTWOOD I may retain 1 doeling, with the rest available. Prices may range from 300-500. 9/25/2021
EMERALD C RANCH HE CRYSTALLYNN 1st EMERALD C RANCH COBALT *B I may retain 1 doeling, the rest would be available. Prices may range from 300-500. 9/27/2021
EMERALD C RANCH OT JADE 1st EMERALD C RANCH COBALT *B I may keep 1 doeling, with the rest available. Prices may range from 300-500. 10/1/2021
GCH BUFFALO CLOVER DELTA ALLUVIUM 2*M 4th EMERALD C RANCH COBALT *B Let's try this again! I may keep a buck or a doe, but the rest will be available. I do have a waiting list for her. Prices may range from 600-1000. Note! I'll need to DNA test her kids prior to making them available for sale. We had a buck get loose and while I don't think he did anything, I can't be sure. Planned Pedigree 10/1/2021
EMERALD C RANCH FIRE MARBLES 2*M 2nd EMERALD C RANCH ONYX THUNDER +B I may keep 1 doeling, with the rest available. Prices may range from 400-700 10/15/2021
BUFFALO CLOVER PIPA 1*M 2nd EMERALD C RANCH COBALT *B le 2nd Freshening. All kids should be available from this set, unless I decide to keep one. Prices will be between $400 and $600. 10/20/2021

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