Emerald C Ranch

Emerald C Ranch

Emerald C Ranch IR Hematite (AKA Ronald) Grand, Best of Breed, Best in Show, Ring 3 2015 CTDGA Buck Bonanza!
One of our herd sires, CH Emerald C Ranch IR Hematite (AKA Ronald) LA 2016 90

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August 3, 2018
We have several new animals up for sale! I've come to realize that I just have too many, and need to let some of them go to new homes. If you have the time to invest in improving their lines, this is a great opportunity to get some starter animals for very reasonable prices. I've updated our sales page and linked it over to our Goatzz sales listing in order to help keep sale animals up to date.

March 2, 2018
More congratulations are due to our 2017 ADGA DHI 1*M star earners - Emerald C Ranch Earth Star, Emerald C Ranch Aqua Violet and Buffalo Clover Koto!

Kidding Season is upon us and we actually only have one more, of our 8 total, does due. I've kept Facebook up to date with Doe bios and all kids born so far. I've put in the comments which are sold or retained. If their status isn't listed there, they are available. I'll work on updating the sales page, but in the meantime, email or message me if you are interested in any of them.

Show season begins in April, and we are ready! We'll start out at the ETGRA April Showers show in Corsicana, then to the CTDGA Spring Fling in Fort Worth and the WCDGA Decatur Doe Down, followed by the RRDGA show in Gainesville and HNDGA show in Norman, OK (one of my favorites).

Lastly, but in no way least, I had all breeding stock tested for CAE, CL and Johnes (through Delta Livestock Diagnostics in Arkansas) and everyone came back negative! Even though I don't expect to see any positives, it's always nice to see it on paper.

September 11, 2017
Congratulations are due to our very own CH Emerald C Ranch IR Hematite, who earned his permanent champion title this past Spring, having won a total of three sanctioned Grand Champions.

A belated congratulations is also due to a doe, Emerald C Ranch Snowflake Obsidian, who now lives on Revalation Ranch in South Texas. She earned a milking star when I had her on test in 2014, but I didn't realize it until this year! Sorry Snowflake! She would actually be the very first star earned on our ranch.

We are on DHI milk test again this year and Emerald C Ranch FR Lumachelle has also now earned her milk star and we have two more possible candidates. We should know more on those two later this year.

We were late with our 2016 herd testing because I was trying to do all of the blood draws myself, so it actually happened in early 2017. In any case, all breeding stock tested came back negative (CAE for all tested and Johnes/CL for those new to the herd). Due to our new barns being built as well as other things going on in our lives, we will not be able to attend any shows this Fall. We hope to be back in the show circuit for Spring of 2018.

The kidding schedule has been updated for Spring 2018! As always keep your eye on our Facebook page late February/early March for new kid pictures and let me know if your interested in any of them.

We do have a few bucks available for sale now, wethers always available, and possibly a few does in the coming months. Check out the Sale Barn for more information, and as always keep an eye on Facebook for the latest updates.

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